Play Doc Emrick bingo, thanks to the NBC announcer’s amazing list of synonyms for ‘pass’

The game of hockey features a lot of passing.

Like, a lot of passing. So if it's your job to describe the game as it's happening, it would be wise to build up a storehouse of synonyms for the word "pass".

Hall of Fame broadcaster Doc Emrick has tons of them, and during Wednesday night's Game 1 on NBC, one fan armed himself with a pen and a pad and decided to catch 'em all. It couldn't have been a better night for it. Game 1 lasted forever, so Emrick was forced to reach deep into his bag. The final result, via Reddit, is great:

It reads like a Boggle sheet!

The verbs Emrick used in place of "pass": spirit, slide, fiddle, rattle, fork, shovel, chip, poke, jam, ricochet, knife, tap, skip, bank, throw, punch, push, flip, drag, soccer, paddle, fire, blast, spear, steer, scale, lead, rifle, careen, direct, hoist, pitch, pop, swat, finesse, wand, bang, hand, force, swipe, plunge, lob, nudge, jab, drub, brush, wedge, squib, stash, brush, muscle, and filter.

I'm not sure what's more impressive: that there are so many, or that "give" is nowhere to be found. Doc Emrick is synonymizing at an elite level, although "soccered" gives me some pause. Was it a kick?

Anyway. This is more than enough words for Doc Emrick pass bingo, so I made that. Print it out and play at home on Monday night, otherwise I wasted my whole morning.