Pittsburgh vs. Detroit: The superlatives, from celebs to weight

On Friday and Saturday, Puck Daddy's Sean Leahy and Greg Wyshynski are previewing every facet of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings -- on the ice and off the ice. You can find all of our Stanley Cup Playoffs coverage here.

If this post were a Jeopardy category, it would "Potpourri." There are so many different ways to approach the Stanley Cup Finals, and some of our favorite bloggers have chimed in on the Pens and Wings in their own exceptional ways -- and not just with good-looking dames smooching Lord Stanley.

Mondesi's House took aim at nearly everything that it is Detroit in a recent post, but we were especially fond of its assault on celebrities born in Motown: Like "professional lowlife" Tom Sizemore, Kid Rock, Kiss, Eminem, Madonna and "the comedic stylings of one Tim Allen. Hey, do that caveman noise for the millionth time!" It's a fairly bold move, considering the rogues' gallery that are celebrities from Pittsburgh. Christina Aguilera, Dan Cortese, Bret Michaels, and Demi Moore, you say? Then again, any city that gave the world Trent Reznor, George Romero and Andy Warhol can't be all that bad.

Mirtle, meanwhile, had a rather intense preview of the Wings and Penguins earlier this week. Others write previews; James writes a compendium, which is why we're so fond of him. He's got it all: obscure stats, vital stats, nations of origin. Heaviest player in the series? Hal Gill at 250 pounds. The lightest? Dominik Hasek, 166 pounds.

If you need even more blogosphere breakdown of the Finals, there's my old pals at the FanHouse doing the roundtable thing, while the boys from Melt Your Face Off offer their colorful take on the Finals at Deadspin. Finally, Kevin Allen of USA Today offers "everything you need to know" about the Pens and Wings. Since he's addressing USA Today readers, it's actually shorter than you'd think.

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