Pittsburgh Penguins holiday video harkens to 'Christmas Vacation'

Photo via pittsburghpenguins.com

Tired of hearing "Holiday Sweater" over and over again in your head?

Probably not, because that San Jose Sharks video is awesome. But the Pittsburgh Penguins sure did give the Sharks a nice run for NHL holiday video awesomeness in their spoof of the movie "Christmas Vacation."

The video below:

The Penguins buried the lead unfortunately. We had to wait until the end to see Sidney Crosby yell "Where's the Tylenol?" and Evgeni Malkin doing his best Cousin Eddie with "Bingo."

Nice hat Geno.

In that sense, it was almost like watching the credits in a Marvel action movie.

Regardless, there was more than enough good stuff before, between Jim Rutherford as Mr. Shirley or Beau Bennett and Robert Bortuzzo playing the Griswold family's neighbors.

So far, nothing beats the rapping Sharks, but this is a pretty funny video if you're a "Christmas Vacation" fan ... and if you like the Penguins and hockey in general.

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