Pittsburgh mayor eats octopus, chainsaws Red Wings at rally

First off, a slight clarification: There's been some confusion over the story we posted yesterday about the NHL's continued ban on octopus twirling on the ice in Detroit. Fans can still throw an octopus on the ice from the stands; as Commissioner Gary Bettman said in his radio interview, "We haven't fined or given a delay of game penalty for the throwing of the octopus because we understand and respect the tradition." It's when a Red Wings employee takes the octopus and twirls it around that will draw a fine, because the NHL has some fear about a player blowing out a knee on octo-goo. Got it? Good. Moving on.

The City of Pittsburgh held a rather raucous rally yesterday in Market Square to support the Pittsburgh Penguins before tonight's Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals in Detroit. Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, reaffirming his selection as our mayor of choice in the Finals, had an eventful day: Chewing a piece of cooked octopus from Wholey's Fish Market to help show that the animals "are for eating, they're not for throwing"; and then closing the rally by taking a chainsaw to a Detroit Red Wings logo. Here's some video from the rally; octopus chewing at the 2 minute mark, and the chainsaw is at 3:10.

Ravenstahl continues to push for a mayoral bet with Kwame Kilpatrick that would give Pittsburgh the name "Hockeytown" for the next year, but Detroit City Hall continues to reject that bet for copyright and common sense reasons; what does Kilpatrick get out of the deal? The chance to be the Steel City for a year? There's really only one way to get this bet done: The rights to Hockeytown for a year vs. the rights to Roethlisberger for a year. Get'er done!