Pittsburgh bar bans Sam Adams sales during Bruins vs. Penguins series

The Eastern Conference Final between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins doesn’t start until Saturday night, giving both teams an absurd amount of down time.

It also gives Pittsburgh fans a chance to drink up all the Sam Adams beer they can at Howler’s Coyote Café in the east end before the bar bans sales on Boston brews during the series:

As seen on their Facebook page with the caption “this is a public service announcement from the staff at Howlers.”

This continues a long-standing playoff tradition of cities disassociating themselves with Boston during series against the Bruins.

Please recall how Canadian restaurant chain Boston Pizza became both Vancouver Pizza and Montreal Pizza during series against the Canucks and Canadiens. In fact, during the 2010 Stanley Cup Final, a town called Boston Bar in British Columbia changed its name to Vancouver Bar during the series; and Tim Hortons would sell only “Vancouver Crème” doughnuts in the province.

We eagerly await a full Pittsburgh-wide ban on baked beans and creamy clam chowder for the next two weeks. And for Boston to reciprocate with a ban on ... er, steel? We've got nothing.

(Ed. Note: People have been suggesting a ban on Heinz, but that's asinine because Hunts is terrible. It would be like banning oxygen.)