Pierre McGuire perfectly captured by Hershey goalie David Leggio’s mimicry (Video)

Pierre and Pierre
Pierre and Pierre

The quintessential Pierre McGuire impression needs a few simple elements.

You need to capture that Canada by way of Bergen County accent, delivered in a monotone that only occasionally varies in its volume. You need to overpraise the usual targets – Sidney Crosby, Kristopher Letang. You need to cite every player’s junior team or college of origin or birthplace or really any bit of trivia that will successfully detract from the action unfolding on the ice.

Hershey Bears goalie David Leggio has managed to nail all of this as well as Pierre’s sleepy-eyed delivery when engaging in casual conversation. It’s fairly uncanny, right down to the over-sharing.

Here’s “Pierre” with teammate Tyson Strachan:

“Patrick Kane scored a dandy at home in Buffalo in front of 5,000 South Buffalo people that were cheering him on. I though I was in Chicago but I WASN’T I WAS IN BUFFALO HAD SOME CHICKEN WINGS IN THE ANCHOR BAR THERE.”

All that’s missing is a “Doc” or an “Edzo”.

For comparison’s sake:

Nice work from Leggio, who first grew to Puck Daddy fame when he slammed his head against the glass near the bench after a screaming tantrum regarding his own performance.

s/t Joe Shetrom

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