Pierre McGuire crowds beanie-wearing Jonathan Toews in WC interview (Video)

Photo from NBC broadcast

Pre-game interviews are part of all sports. And there are all sorts of reasons why certain arrangements during the discussions have to occur.

A producer tells the two people to move into a certain spot for lighting purposes. Maybe there’s a sound problem so they tell the interviewer to move in closer. Either way … this Pierre McGuire interview with Jonathan Toews is just … so Pierre and Toews.

The Blackhawks captain (predictably) shows no emotion. Pierre (predictably) shows way too much emotion. Toews is wearing goofy beanie.

The only thing missing is Pierre referencing anything Toews did at the University of North Dakota or Shattuck St. Mary high school.

The video (s/t Jen Neale for her camerawork):

Pretty clear that:

A. Jonathan Toews is not impressed.

B. He is certainly not intimidated by Pierre’s closeness, which would be frightening to most mere mortals.

C. Who thought this shot/angle was a good idea and wouldn’t be mocked?

Anyway, we have a long, long way to go in this game, but thank you to Pierre, NBC and Toews for giving us our first funny TV moment.

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