Phoenix Coyotes import Tim Horton’s coffee for Canadian fans at home games

As you know, many Canadian fans – snow birds, tourists and ex-pats – find their way to Arena in Glendale during the winter to watch their teams compete against the Phoenix Coyotes.

(Which is delightfully surreal when you consider the Coyotes nearly moved to Canada because they didn’t have a enough fan support, but there you go.)

Coyotes co-owner and CEO Anthony LeBlanc is from the Great White North and sees these fans as an important part of the Phoenix base. So he’s decided to bring some Canadian catnip to the arena to further entice them to come to the games:

Delicious Tim Horton’s coffee and hot chocolate.

Tim Horton’s. At a Phoenix Coyotes game.

That sound you heard were thousands of Winnipeg Jets fans sighing deeply before flipping through their Teppo Numminen hockey cards. Again.

From the Coyotes:

"We are thrilled to offer Tim Hortons great coffee to all of our fans at Coyotes games," said Coyotes Co-Owner, President & CEO Anthony LeBlanc.

"Tim Hortons brand is synonymous with hockey and is a perfect fit for our fans and our organization. We are exploring a multitude of enhancements over the short term including the possibility of opening during regular business hours as well as additional retail and food offerings."

What’s sort of amazing about this kiosk, which began serving coffee at Coyotes games in late December, is that it’s the first Tim Horton’s outpost in the state of Arizona.

Imagine going to a game, having a $10 magnum of Bud Lite, and then discovering that’s the only kiosk in the state that serves Bud Lite. (I mean, that would be great, actually, because it would keep the scourge of that flavored watered contained to a single concourse ...)

We look forward to other innovations to try and attract Canadian fans to Coyotes games, including Degrassi Reunion Night, Kiss A Moose Night and, in the most obvious symbol that they’re pandering to visiting fans, renaming themselves the Florida Panthers.