Philadelphia Flyers unleash Hulk Hogan, ‘Flyer Mania’ on humbled Penguins (VIDEO)

The odd connection between the Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers and Hulk Hogan was forged during the April 1 line brawl between the teams in Pittsburgh.

Cy Clark, a Penguins fan who attends games dressed like the Hulkster, got into it with often-hilarious Flyers forward Scott Hartnell, who responded by giving him the 'ole Hulk Hogan gesture to the crowd, waving his hand around before cupping ear to better hear him.

Playing off that moment, the Flyers issued T-shirts to their fans before Game 3 that featured Hartnell with his hand to his ear and the slogan "WHATCHA GONNA DO?" Yes, very clever; but it wasn't the only Hogan-inspired moment of the day.

The Flyers got the man himself to cut a promo on the Penguins:

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Oh, as if Flyers fans have needed to say any prayers with Marc-Andre Fleury (of pucks behind him) across the ice this series …

So there you go: Hulk Hogan, Philadelphia Flyers hype man. Well, at least when the Tampa Bay Lightning aren't in the playoffs, bruther

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