Philadelphia Flyers ‘mark their territory’ with latest playoff t-shirt giveaway

The Philadelphia Flyers have been killing it with their t-shirt giveaways this postseason. First there was Scott Hartnell in Hulk Hogan mode. Then there was the "We don't like you either" t-shirt that mocked Sidney Crosby.

Their latest takes its inspiration from that classic image of the little boy that looks like Calvin -- but isn't, for legal reasons -- "whizzing" on various logos. The Flyers are marking their territory:

You know, like dogs.

Of course, if anyone asks, the Flyers can plead innocence to the "P" stream because hey man, we're just talking about planting flags, but we all know what's really going on here: First they marked the entirety of Pennsylvania. Now, with Game 1 of their series with the Devils going Sunday, they plan to, ahem, sprinkle their authority on the great state of New Jersey.

Now, you may think it's implausible to have two streams going at once here, but if you've ever seen "Hot Rod", Chris Parnell's AM Radio guy gave a very thorough explanation of how this is possible.

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