Phil Kessel slowly slipping on Penguins jersey is your moment of zen (Video)

Earlier this week, the first image of Phil Kessel in a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey broke the Internet. And then the Internet was methodically reassembled, before it was broken again by a courtroom artist who drew Tom Brady’s face like it was a worm-riddled tree stump after a nuclear holocaust.

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But to truly appreciate the full Philness of Kessel’s wardrobe change, one must view this brief video sent out by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

And then watch it again. And again. And again. And is anyone else unable to stop watching this goofball smiling like he just found that last bottle of Miller High Life in the back of the fridge, behind the week-old Chinese takeout? Just us?

Ancillary question: Will Phil Kessel have one of the top 10 highest selling jerseys in the NHL next season? Crosby and Malkin make the cut annually, after all.