Petr Mrazek hits 'Family Guy' Christmas wish list with his mask (Photo)

What says Christmas like Peter Griffin from "Family Guy" as Santa, an angry snowman who looks like some sort of mutant Olaf from "Frozen" and of course a Czech Republic flag?

Really nothing ... until Detroit Red Wings backup/goaltending prospect Peter Mrazek came up with his Christmas themed mask that incorporates all such items. Photos are above, and below. He even snuck the Red Wings logo in various parts of the mask -- which is clearly important.

Photo credit to InGoal Magazine
Photo credit to InGoal Magazine

And here's one more...

Photo Credit to InGoal Magazine
Photo Credit to InGoal Magazine

Seriously, is there a more all-encompassing and random Christmas mask that anyone has ever seen? I think not.

“We came up with the entire design here and just ran with it,” designer Ray Bishop told InGoal Magazine. “We put Merry Christmas on the chin in Czech and added the Czech flag in as part of the snowman’s scarf, along with plenty of sparkle and details to make it pop and be a ‘one of a kind’ design just like we like them here.”

Mrazek is no stranger to being creative with his equipment, judging by his pads for last year's Winter Festival game. 

Also note, that Mrazek has put Peter Griffin on his mask in the past, despite the fact that he doesn't watch "Family Guy."

But back to the mask, yes, this is indeed 'one of a kind' in so many ways. Happy Holidays everyone!