Peter Laviolette rages at referee for winking at Blackhawks bench (Video)

It’s subtle, but one gets the idea that Peter Laviolette is rather distrusting of the National Hockey League’s on-ice officials.

This is the man who introduced the concept of “Montreal Typical!” into the hockey lexicon, accusing the refs of favoring the Canadiens during games at Bell Centre. That happened when he was coaching the Philadelphia Flyers on “HBO 24/7”; and once again, reality show cameras have caught Lavy getting candid.

The Nashville Predators have a show called Beneath The Ice that offers candid looks behind the scenes of the team. A recent episode captured Laviolette during a Dec. 29 game at the Chicago Blackhawks, in which he accused referee Kevin Pollock of … "winking" at the Blackhawks bench.


“YOU DID WINK AND EVERYONE HERE SAW IT” said Laviolette, hilariously, as Pollock defended himself and then threatened to kick the Predators coach out of the game if this line of accusations continued.

Laviolette countered by asking him not to “lie” to him about winking at the Blackhawks bench.

Awesomeness No. 1: Watching Eric Nystrom (24) attempt not to openly guffaw at this situation. Awesomeness No. 2: Hearing Seth Jones narc’ing on Pollock, saying he just saw him wink to the Blackhawks bench.

Our love for this video knows no bounds. For the record, both teams had five power plays in the game.

But seriously, why didn’t Pollock use the obvious cover story? “Yes, I winked at the Chicago bench. Have you seen Patrick Sharp?”

s/t Eye On Hockey, via reddit