Peter Forsberg’s still got it in the shootout (Video)

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The “Sveriges största strafftalang” might sound like a tongue-twister from Bryan Murray’s waking nightmares, but it’s actually a hockey skills competition in Sweden to crown “the biggest shootout talent.” Seven players born in 1988 battled for the title, with the finals held during World Juniors in Malmoe.

The winner of the tournament was Jesper Bratt. But like every awesome video game has taught us, it’s not really a victory until you’ve taken down the Big Boss.

The Big Boss in Swedish shootouts being, of course, Peter Forsberg.

Forsberg – the 40-year-old former NHL great who actually, this-time-he-means-it retired from hockey in 2011 – strapped on the skates and took on this whippersnapper in the shootout. Who won?

SPOILER: It was a tie.

But at least we got to see that magic “Forsberg” move at ice level on more time. Granted, it was against sub-KHL goaltending, but it was a sick move nonetheless.

s/t Max Hafelt

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