Penguins vs. Flyers, NHL ’94 video game style, is 16 bits of awesome (Video) has been running a series of video highlights given the NHL ’94 treatment, in honor of that classic hockey video game’s 20th anniversary. They’ve got the star under the player with the puck, the sound effects and that little referee signaling a goal. They’re rather inspired.

But the mad geniuses at (check them on Facebook here) have upped the ante with the NHL ’94-ization of Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Philadelphia Flyers highlights that play out like an actual game on Sega Genesis.

Not sure what we loved more in this clip: Mike Lange playing the Ron Barr role or that they managed to get that distinct blue tint on the ice or the most random Iceburgh cameos since “Sudden Death.”

By the way, for you NHL ’94 nostalgists: We have a special multi-part celebration of the game on Puck Daddy this week. Prepare thyself.