As Penguins prepare Winter Classic sweater reveal, a teaser (Update)

The Pittsburgh Penguins announced Wednesday that they'll officially unveil their complete 2011 Winter Classic uniforms Thursday at CONSOL Energy Center after practice (approximately 12:15-12:30 p.m.).

Their design hasn't exactly been a state secret, as Icethetics was on the scent of the dark blue Penguins sweater a few weeks back.

In the hours before they're officially revealed, it appears the color and design are all but confirmed by Shop NHL. Puck Buddy Mitchell M. explains in an email:

The Penguins twittered that their uniforms for the winter classic will be revealed tomorrow after practice. But the Pens store might have jumped the gun a bit, as there are T-Shirts up for sale using the "fat penguin" and the oval. If the shirt can be believed, Dark Blue Jersey with original white jersey lettering offset with by light blue.

Here's a link to the shirts. Sharp looking design, and the numbering looks fantastic in a '70s-retro sort of way.

We think the margin in sales between the Penguins' Winter Classic jerseys and those of the Washington Capitals is going to be large, with the Penguins selling much more than the Capitals. (Caps fans have registered displeasure with the WC jerseys, and many already have that design in their closets.) Don't shed a tear for either team when it comes to gear sales; the non-jersey Winter Classic swag for the Capitals and Penguins looks fantastic and retro-cool.

UPDATE: Via Leahy, Borntrade may have jumped the gun as well; might this be your 2011 Winter Classic jersey for the Pens? If so, that $999 asking price might have to come down a bit after Thursday.

That's a lot of stripes right there.

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