Penguins, Bruins, Blackhawks and Kings odds-on favorites entering 2013-14 season

There’s been so much attention paid to the rechristening of the four divisions – Detroit in the Atlantic, the very existence of the Metropolitan – that you might have forgotten that the NHL rejiggered its playoff format as well.

Please recall that each conference will have two divisions each. The top three teams in those divisions are playoff teams. The remaining two playoff seeds are “wild cards,” i.e. the next two conference teams in total points, regardless of their division affiliation. So the Central could have three teams in the playoffs and the Pacific could have five teams … which may be how this thing actually shakes out.

The division winner with the most points plays the wild card team with the fewest points; the other division winner plays the wild-card team with the second-fewest points. The second and third teams in the two divisions face each other, and then everyone advances and reseeds.

So who are the odds-on favorites in these divisions as the preseason approaches? Glad you asked.

From Bovada:

Atlantic Division

Boston Bruins 11/5
Detroit Red Wings 7/2
Montreal Canadiens 9/2
Toronto Maple Leafs 9/2
Ottawa Senators 13/2
Tampa Bay Lightning 15/2
Buffalo Sabres 30/1
Florida Panthers 50/1

Metropolitan Division

Pittsburgh Penguins 4/5
Washington Capitals 13/2
New York Islanders 7/1
New York Rangers 7/1
Philadelphia Flyers 10/1
Columbus Blue Jackets 14/1
Carolina Hurricanes 15/1
New Jersey Devils 18/1

Central Division

Chicago Blackhawks 5/8
St. Louis Blues 13/4
Minnesota Wild 6/1
Dallas Stars 12/1
Nashville Predators 18/1
Colorado Avalanche 20/1
Winnipeg Jets 22/1

Pacific Division

Los Angeles Kings 3/2
Vancouver Canucks 3/1
Anaheim Ducks 9/2
San Jose Sharks 19/4
Edmonton Oilers 7/1
Phoenix Coyotes 16/1
Calgary Flames 30/1

The Capitals a better bet than the Rangers, Islanders and Flyers?

The Oilers a better bet than the Coyotes?

The Senators behind the Habs and Leafs?

What stands out to you?