Pavel Datsyuk’s Top 10 goals will melt your brain with their awesomeness (Video)

There are certain inalienable truths in hockey. Ice is cold. Skates are sharp. And Pavel Datsyuk is a [expletive] magician.

Via TSN’s SportsCentre, these were deemed the Top 10 Pavel Datsyuk goals of all-time, which is a bit like trying to narrow down the 10 best entrees ever served by Thomas Keller.

A few thoughts:

• Datsyuk owns the Nashville Predators. Just owns’em.

• We like to pretend that Datsyuk’s “change-up” goal in the shootout against Antti Niemi and the Chicago Blackhawks was a subversive satire about the shootout.

• We’re not sure what's more embarrassing for the goaltender on No. 1: that he got completely bamboozled, or that it happened in a Mooterus jersey.

• We’re sure that this video was in no way a response to Glenn Healy’s claim that Datsyuk doesn’t have “god-blessed talent” on rival CBC. Nope. No way.

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