Pavel Datsyuk dekes Logan Couture onto his posterior with NHL version of NBA crossover (Video)

We’ve seen Pavel Datsyuk dangle through defensemen, deke goaltenders and score with the puck seemingly on a string attached to his stick. In summary, we’ve seen the Detroit Red Wings star come up with new and inventive ways of embarrassing his opponents with his hockey superpowers.

Add another highlight to the reel: Pavel Datsyuk sending San Jose Sharks forward Logan Couture on his rump in the defensive zone with a brilliant deke in the corner.

And on Logan Couture’s birthday no less…

You know your buddy the NBA fan, who keeps telling you how awesome it is when a talented hoopster breaks the ankles of a defending player with a crossover dribble?

Let them know Pavel Datsyuk can do that too. On skates.

Just another reminder that there’s only one Pavel Datsyuk; everyone else is just doing “Datsyukian” moves. Right Claude Giroux?