Paulina Gretzky was TMZ’d in lingerie (VIDEO)

Paulina Gretzky has had, shall we say, an interesting several months. Please recall last November when her Twitter account full of provocative photos was shuttered, allegedly at the urging of father Wayne Gretzky. It returned about a week later, following Internet-wide tributes to her, uh, assets.

All of this made her famous enough for TMZ, which captured her walking out of STK … in some kind of lingerie. Happy Good Friday, ya'll.

And what father doesn't like to hear a vidarazzi address his daughter's side boob?

From TMZ:

It's not everyday the super-hot daughter of a hockey legend throws on some skimpy lingerie and runs around Hollywood ... BUT IT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT!!!

Obviously TMZ is not familiar with Hayley Wickenheiser. We digress …

For some reason, 23-year-old Paulina Gretzky strolled out of STK in an outfit that'll probably make her famous father's head explode.

Here are a few reasons why Paulina Gretzky may have done this: Because she's epically beautiful, to the point where sonnets are penned for her and wars would be fought in her honor.

Other than that, we're stumped too, TMZ.

s/t Nick Graff

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