Paul Bissonnette uses helicopter, glacier water to win Ice Bucket Challenge


Keith Yandle of the Arizona Coyotes performed the Ice Bucket Challenge, the viral video stunt that’s creating awareness for research into ALS a.k.a. Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and then challenged former teammate Paul Bissonnette to do the same. 

Which is a bit like doing a concert on your back porch and then challenging U2 to hold one of their own.

BizNasty is a “go big or go home” kind of guy, so naturally his Ice Bucket Challenge is epic, including:

1. Glacier Water

2. His Speedo

3. A [expletive] helicopter!

Here’s the Paul Bissonnette Ice Bucket Challenge:

Your move, LeBron James. BizNasty certainly upped the ante. Might we suggest capturing a comet?

Paul Bissonnette remains an unrestricted free agent, although there's talk he might pound opponents' faces for the Washington Capitals next season. 

Not for nothing, but your humble editor did a bucket challenge of his own. Please donate to ALS research if you can. 

Damn ... should have held out for the glacier.