Patrik Elias had LA Kings Stanley Cup puck, but has no idea what he did with it

Please recall the recent hullabaloo about the puck from Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final and its whereabouts.

The Los Angeles Kings said they didn't have this piece of hockey history in their possession. LA Kings Insider blogger Rich Hammond broke down game footage and discovered that New Jersey Devils winger Patrik Elias appeared to collect the puck at some point during the postgame celebration.

The story took on new life when L.A. Times columnist Bill Plaschke wrote about it on Tuesday, as L.A. Kings exec Luc Robitaille said:

"If a Devil had it, he might not have been real happy with it, he might have thrown it in the stands. … If one of our fans has it, we will make a deal with them to get it back. We need that puck."

Elias finally addressed the accusation to Rich Chere of the Star-Ledger, admitting that he did in fact pick up the puck from the ice after Game 6.

Alas, he has no idea what he did with it.

From the Ledger:

"I don't have it. I have no idea where it is," Elias told me today. "I grabbed it when the whistle blew. I had it in front of me and I picked it up with my stick. I went over to Marty (Brodeur) and then I sat on the bench and I think I left it there."

Might he have tossed it into the crowd?

"No. I didn't for sure," Elias said.

Could he have given it to Brodeur, wondering if it might be the goalie's last game?


At one point Elias did toss something to the crowd in the postgame, but that was a game-used stick to some friends.

So what happened to the puck? Who has it? Did it ever even make it out of Staples Center? "I'm trying to remember what happened to it. I really don't have it," said Elias.

We don't know either. But Puck Daddy reader Kirk Coughlin ‏might be on to something:

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