Patrick Sharp photobombs Chicago newlyweds in Blackhawks' penalty box (Photo)

Rob Krolak and Carrie Pike were married last weekend in Chicago, and prepare to be jealous.

Their wedding ceremony was at Revolution Brewing Company, and we can think of a dozen ceremonies we’ve attended that would have benefitted from a beer brewery setting. Then they hired a trolley and took their guests to a “super suite” reception at United Center for the Chicago Blackhawks’ game against Carolina on Friday night.

Before the game, the happy couple took some portrait shots around the arena, including by the glass during warmups. They eventually made their way into the penalty box to capture the bride, the groom and the hockey action behind them.

That’s when a Blackhawks player gave them an unexpected wedding present.

Patrick Sharp skated up behind them and photo-bombed them,” said Ruthie Hauge of Ruthie Hauge Photography, a former Sun-Times Media staff photographer.

Sharp noticed the couple and popped into their photo shoot, yielding memorable results. It wasn’t something Hauge or the couple expected.

“The first reaction I saw was the reaction of Ruthie and the other people around her, so my thought was ‘Wow! We must be taking a really great picture!’” said Carrie. “Then I turned around and saw Sharp’s face, and it was so close, and I just thought, ‘Oh my gosh! It’s Sharpie!’”

She had but one reaction to this. “For some reason my reaction was to bang on the glass,” said Carrie.

Her new husband had a slightly different take.

“I thought one of the ice girls was behind me,” said Rob of the Blackhawks’ comely ice-clearing crew.

But it wasn’t. It was the man named one of the 50 Most Beautiful Chicagoans by Chicago Magazine.

“Could there have been someone maybe a little less attractive that photo-bombed us to make me not look as bad?” he recalled thinking.

The photos went viral after Hauge sent the prints to the couple over the weekend, and Carrie put them on Twitter. She directed them to the Eric and Kathy morning show in Chicago, where Sharp appears as a frequent guest.

Soon the Blackhawks themselves were running the photos of Rob and Carrie’s wedding ceremony crasher on their website.

It'll make for a rather unique wedding album addition.

"Patrick Sharp just photo-bombed us. How great is that?" said Rob.

Here’s a gallery of their United Center wedding photos.

All photos published with permission from Ruthie Hauge of Ruthie Hauge Photography

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