Patrick Kane resurrects playoff mullet, the secret to the Blackhawks’ success

Chicago Tribune video screengrab.

For most NHLers, the advent of the NHL postseason means it's time to put the razor away and get to work on that playoff beard.

But that's because most NHLers can grow beards.

Patrick Kane, on the other hand, is one of a small handful of players that looks like he's perpetually on the verge of turning 18. So Kane has his own tradition. The playoff mullet.

He went without in 2012, but this year, it's back.

What's more, this time around, Kane's brought a friend.

Rookie Brandon Saad has also chosen to class up the front while partying hard in his own backyard. From the Chicago Tribune:

"It's good for a good laugh or two," Kane said. "It's something that's kind of been a little bit of a tradition since we started in the playoffs. I've had some fun with it and I think a lot of people that follow the Blackhawks have had some fun with it too. That's all it's really for."

Kane and Saad went to the barber Monday night.

"We went together," Saad said. "He had some success with it a couple years ago and was talking about doing it, and I said I'd do it with him. I guess it's something fun we can do."

It's more than just something fun. The mullet is a big part of Chicago's success. Consider: Kane didn't rock it last year, and the Blackhawks were eliminated in six games.

In 2011, when Kane did have a mullet, the Blackhawks were eliminated in seven. That means, according to science, it's good for one more win at least.

You'll notice, in the screengrab above, that Kane's new cut also featured three racing stripes above his ear. That's this year's flourish. Saad was only allowed to get two, however.

"You have to earn your stripes," he explained.

Mullets, man. They're serious business. At least in the front.

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