Patrick Kane kicks Jonathan Ericsson in the groin; Reminder: He wears skates (Video)

Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks is many things: Superstar, rapper, lover, partier, shootout god and potential MVP.

Apparently we can add “amateur mohel” to the list after he accidentally (?) kicked Detroit Red Wings defenseman Jonathan Ericsson in the how-do-you-do on Friday night.

No sir, that doesn’t tickle. Ericsson didn’t miss a shift, and luckily isn’t missing anything else.

As for Kane … well, we can’t go as far as to say this was an involuntary move, but it was probably one in which he wasn’t targeting Ericsson’s, er, downtown Detroit. Hey, at best maybe Kane has finally figured out a way to get some separation for forwards in the attacking zone. While at the same time giving the Red Wings Glee Club a new soprano.

This is a highlight we’d like to see played when Kane wins the Lady Byng this season. Without question, his nuttiest play of the season.