Patrick Kane gets teary-eyed over past mistakes, parents’ faith in him (Video)

Please recall the 2012 Chicago Blackhawks convention, which didn’t follow a Stanley Cup championship but did follow a rather embarrassment summer for Patrick Kane, who was photographed drunk during a Madison bar crawl … wearing a T-shirt with his own picture on it, drunk in the back of a limo.

He faced tough questions about his behavior, and owned up to it:

"It’s still part of my maturation process and something I’m still trying to get better at. And the biggest thing, it was embarrassing. That’s from deep down inside me.”

A lot’s changed for Kane since then. He played overseas during the NHL lockout, living with his mother, and didn’t end up on the gossip sites. Ditto when he returned to the Blackhawks for the truncated season, when he found his dominating offensive game and eventually won the Conn Smythe for his postseason performance in winning a second Stanley Cup.

At the 2013 Blackhawks Fan Convention, CSN Chicago’s Chris Boden asked him about his journey in the last year, and Kane got a little emotional talking about it.

From CSN:

When I asked him about getting through the time between last May and getting back to work overseas during the lockout, he admitted a lot of people were mad at him, and admits they should have been. He was mad at himself, too. But as he continued speaking, he shared how that disappointment turned into strength and support from the Blackhawks and his family.

Kane's eyes get a little watery as he explains what a great job his parents have done raising his three younger sisters, and how sorry he was for embarrassing them.

Are you surprised by his tears? Strong men also cry ...

Look, he’s not perfect, nor should anyone expect him to be. He’s a 24-year-old millionaire with two rings and a playoff MVP trophy. He should get emotional about his family and the Blackhawks' family, because they stuck by him through some incredible embarrassments. Instead, of, you know, trading him to Dallas.

You hope he’s learned from the past and doesn’t repeat his mistakes. But if he does, the last year should at least show he’s trying not to.