Patrick Kaleta shoves Rangers’ Richards headfirst into boards; how many games? (VIDEO)

Safe to say Patrick Kaleta will be the next player to be suspended by the Department of Player Safety after a push from behind on Brad Richards in the third period of Sunday night's game between the Buffalo Sabres and the New York Rangers.

With Richards skating after a puck along the side wall, Kaleta shoved the Rangers' star, driving him headfirst into the boards.

Richards left the game briefly but returned. He was furious about the hit after the game. "That's just stupidity," he said. Later, he was frankly about Kaleta's role as an NHLer. "He doesn't play hockey to begin with. It's the same guy all the time."

Kaleta definitely won't be playing hockey for a little while. This play is going to get a long look from the DOPS, and likely a long suspension. Shanahan has already shown a particular distaste for dangerous shoves, and this one definitely qualifies. Plus -- and this may come as a surprise to you -- Kaleta's a repeat offender.

The Sabre has a history of bone-headed play. That includes during the Shanahan era, and I do mean bone-headed. He was suspended four games early last season for weaponizing his own skull and headbutting Jakub Voracek.

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