Patrick Kaleta interviewed Rob Van Dam (Video)

WWE superstar and hardcore legend Rob Van Dam visited the Buffalo Sabres dressing room this week, ahead of this weekend’s PPV event in Buffalo. The Sabres had a chance to interview him, so naturally they opted for the biggest heel on the roster.

Here’s Patrick Kaleta interviewing a pink-shirted, not all that lucid Rob Van Dam, because evidently we all ate mushrooms this morning:

Kaleta’s winking “sometimes I very much like to [go hardcore] on the ice sometimes too” was glorious. And when he said he wouldn’t be fighting in tonight’s game against Ottawa “or else I’ll be out for a little while”, what was he getting at?

But without question, the highlight of this video is when RVD says “being a fighter is a part of being a hockey player” to Pat Kaleta – noted cheap-shot artist, rare fighter – who responds “well, sometimes.”

Clearly RVD doesn’t realize that if Kaleta was in the squared circle with him, he’d be in the corner, begging for mercy before hitting Van Dam with a chair when he turned his back.