Pass or Fail: Taking a selfie during Stanley Cup Playoffs players’ scrum

Despite not being traditional rivals, the Montreal Canadiens and Tampa Bay Lightning located their animosity rather quickly in Game 1 of their Stanley Cup Playoffs divisional semifinal on Wednesday. That including a scrum during the game in which Steven Stamkos (of all people) went after Andrei Markov after a late hit on Ondrej Palat.

As true hockey fans know, there is but one reaction to seeing this kind of passion and postseason drama: Lemme get a selfie!

Now, on the one hand, the idea of turning your back on the action to self-indulge when playoff action is unfolding a few feet away from your pricy lower bowl seats is nearly a hockey sin.

On the other hand … you have to admit that’s a pretty sweet selfie. Unless this was just more viral marketing for Samsung …

With that – Pass or Fail: Taking a selfie during a scrum at the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Via the great Pete Blackburn (@PeteBlackburn)