Pass or Fail: NHL Hands High armpit logo shirts, inspired by Jimmy Fallon

Cheering for your team is the worst, isn’t it?

Like, when something amazing happens, and you raise your arms into the air in celebration, literally no one knows which team you’re cheering for unless they see the names and logos on the front of your shirt or your hat or your pants or your BabSocks or take a second to understand what just happened in the game to serve as the catalyst for the cheering.

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If only there were some way to sneak an official logo into the smelly pits of your arms, so it would be on display on such an occasion ...


Yes, someone has created shirts where the logo of your favorite team is stitched into your armpits.

The full collection on Shop NHL is here. Spoiler: You can have the Toronto Maple Leafs in your armpit, which is the definition of redundancy.

Seriously, this was a need someone felt had to be addressed.

That someone?

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Jimmy Fallon of “The Tonight Show,” who apparently was the inspiration for these designs:

You know, using “The Wave” as a way to validate the existence of anything fan related probably was your first mistakes, Jimmy.

So there you have it: The Hands High collection. Please remember these designs next time you hear a tale about a team barking at a reporter (or Justin Bieber) for venturing too close to that logo found on the dressing room floor.

“Oh, you mean this logo?”

[Lifts arm]

[Everyone faints]

So, with that …

Pass or Fail: The NHL Hands High logo armpit system.