Pass or Fail: New St. Louis Blues jerseys leak (Photos)

The St. Louis Blues are having a major unveiling on Monday night at their Blues Ice Breaker fan event. And with all due respect to Paul Stastny, we’re talking about their revamped sweaters for the 2014-15 NHL season.

The jerseys leaked this afternoon on Twitter, and passed along by reader John Heuer. They were later released by the Blues ahead of the party.

Now, you may be staring at these slack-jawed, wondering what exactly is different about them from the previous incarnations.

Fear not: Chris Creamer, sports logo authority, offers this handy comparison between the recent jerseys:

Via Chris Creamer
Via Chris Creamer

First off, we weep not for the death of piping on these jerseys, which was an aesthetic eyesore on far too many sweaters after the RBK redesigns. But the real winner is the return of the bottom stripe, this time flaunting the yellow (gold, whatever) in the color scheme. They look classic, throwing back to the 1967 design, but they feel modern.

Then again, the Blues were starting with a pretty decent template. It’s hard to screw up a Blues jersey … although, clearly, not impossible. (Thank you, Keenan.)

So, with that ... Pass Or Fail: The St. Louis Blues new sweaters!