Pass or Fail: Mighty Ducks-inspired Anaheim Ducks third jerseys

As with the Colorado Avalanche rocking the Rockies look again, we’ve known for a while that the Anaheim Ducks would fly together with a Mighty Ducks-inspired third jersey this season.

Thanks to a leak of third jerseys from the NHL’s international retail site (via kikkerlaika), we’ve got a great look at what the Ducks’ duds will look like adorned with the iconic crest that's synonymous with such NHL luminaries as Steve Rucchin, Guy Hebert and Bob Corkum. (Along with some guy named Paul and another dude named Teemu.)

Chris Creamer notes that the Ducks’ primary “webbed D” logo is on each shoulder, while the word “ANAHEIM” is emblazoned on the collar, presumably as a point of reference for Corey Perry when trying to head to the correct bench.

Obviously anything to brings back the Mighty Ducks logo* is a good thing in concept, but what about in execution?

The orange is rather assertive, but we’re more willing to accept that from a team in the O.C. than we are for a team from the A.B. Still, not the most attractive and cohesive third jersey in the world, but that might be because we can’t get better looking Mighty Ducks revival concept jerseys out of our heads.

But what do you think, gentle readers?

PASS OR FAIL: Mighty Ducks-inspired Anaheim Ducks third jerseys. 

* Isn't it amazing how a franchise whose uniforms were treated as a total Disneyfied joke when it entered the league now has a nostalgia push that rivals the Whalers?