Pass or Fail: Capitals’ unofficial rap anthem, ‘Unleash The Fury’

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When a Washington Capitals fan creates an unofficial hip-hop anthem for his or her team, they go big. Really big. Like, rush hour traffic on the Beltway big. 

Please recall MC Andrew Bowser’s “The Caps Rap” in 2010, which featured an Alex Ovechkin impersonator and a name-check for Mike Gartner’s mustache. Six years later, with the team looking very much like a Stanley Cup contender, an MC named Rockville Slim – who probably tells his friends he’s actually ‘Potomac Thin,’ based on his zip code – has created another track.

Please witness “Unleash The Fury,” a rather thorough retelling of Capitals history and a chronicle of fandom.

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Hey, that wasn’t bad! Much respect for the ‘O’ during the anthem bit and the shoutout to non-union Zamboni drivers. Plus this bit about Ted Leonsis was kinda baller:

Our owner is Ted

and he’s gotta Take.

A dollar from the team

he has yet to make,

but he’s got AOL money

and now Groupon.

So Ted “Pardon me,

do you have any Grey Poupon?”

Really digging that Warren G. vibe and the hook. Sure, so it’s a little long, but what is he going to do: Not find room to reference Joe Beninati? And frankly any Capitals rap gets points for not spending 30 percent of the lyrics pissing on Crosby.

Kudos to Rockville Slim editor Connor Scalzi and videographer Jack Flin for tossing this video together. We’re sure it’ll get a lot of airplay until the Capitals inevitably fall short of the championship round. 

What say you?

Pass or Fail: The Capitals’ rap ‘Unleash The Fury.’


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