Pass or Fail: Yet another St. Louis Blues hip-hop anthem, ‘Were (sic) Coming For It’

It's official: The St. Louis Blues now have more unofficial playoff anthems than official playoff victories this postseason.

The Blues, who hung on to take a 2-1 series lead against the San Jose Sharks on Monday night, have already been serenaded by Brookroyal's "Bleed Blue" and Deuce's Wonder bread rap spectacular "Blue Note Boogey." Now, here's Quali-T (which, by the way, would make for a great personalized license plate) with the latest Blues tune: "Were (sic) Coming For It."

"It", in this case, we imagine to be fourth exclamation point for the title. Or the Stanley Cup. One of the two.

Gotta say, this isn't the worst unofficial hip-hop anthem we've ever heard, mostly because we've heard this. Good flow, inventive lyrics that actually reference the team; and, above all else, inventive lyrics that actually understand the team.

For example:

Hes (sic) coming for it ...

So, with all that established:

Pass or Fail: St. Louis Blues hip-hop anthem "Were (sic) Coming For It."

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