Pass or Fail: Throwback jerseys for the Senators and Maple Leafs

To help celebrate their 20th anniversary as the Ottawa Senators 2.0, the team was planning to unveil a heritage jersey during a fan event on Oct. 1.

That plan went to [Gretzky] after an employee at the Buffalo Sabres team store inside First Niagara Center inadvertently placed one on a jersey rack, which was caught by an Icethetics reader over the weekend:

The Senators confirmed the jerseys on Sunday after the premature reveal:

"While we are very disappointed to have our new jersey revealed in this manner, we are pleased to see the early comments from fans are extremely positive," said Jeff Kyle, Senators vice-president of marketing. "We believe that this jersey will be a top seller in the National Hockey League this season, especially as fans learn the story behind how it was designed.

"We have spent over two years developing this uniform and one of the most interesting aspects is that we did it in conjunction with a Senators fan," added Kyle. "We look forward to telling the story of how a fan helped us develop a uniform that incorporates elements of the early Senators teams into what we feel will become a truly iconic symbol of Senators hockey."

While we're normally not fans of teams adding yet another black jersey to the pool, this vintage look just works for us. The jersey itself pays tribute to the first incarnation of the Senators that won 11 Stanley Cups and was a founding member of the NHL in 1917. Luckily for us, the stripes don't go all the way on the jersey, saving us the potential retina damage we're now just getting over from the Montreal Canadiens' barber pole look.

Spotted by the same Icethetics reader, on the same Sabres team store rack as the Sens' Heritage jersey was the new thirds for the Toronto Maple Leafs:

As Pension Plan Puppets pointed out, these jerseys look very similar to the ones the 1967 Cup-winning Leafs team wore on the night they were honored by the franchise.

(What's up with that lower case "n"?)

It's another blue and white Leafs jersey with some tinkering to the stripes and logo. One day we hope they re-introduce the old St. Pat's look to their jersey population.

The way NHL teams have responded to these retro looks, the day is coming (which should be soon) when the Senators and Leafs announce that the jerseys will become a part of their regular rotation. It's worked in places like Edmonton, Calgary, Long Island, and Philadelphia, why not add to that trend?

So, what say you about these two?

1. Pass or Fail: Ottawa's heritage jerseys
2. Pass or Fail: Toronto's vintage thirds

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