Pass or Fail: ‘Stanley Cup Swagger’, the unofficial Chicago Blackhawks hip-hop playoff anthem

Puck Daddy

The Chicago Blackhawks have a lot of things – history, popularity, the best jersey in hockey and at least one awesomely awkward blonde mullet.

But do they have a hip-hop anthem that sounds like Drake reading from an official game program? THEY DO NOW!

That’s Young Regime and his superfriends Windy City Beast and Tiggy-G, rapping on “Stanley Cup Swagger.” Sample prose:

“Stanley Cup swagger/You can tell by how we walk.”

“This team is all we talk about/Chicago Blackhawks.”

A few observations:

• The sleeveless Jonathan Toews shirsy needs to die spectacularly in a fire.

• We’re fond of this lyric: “My smile way too perfect/Duncan Keith can have my teeth.” But then again we're suckers for name-checks.

• We’re just going to pretend the AMP energy drink is a ’40’ of Steel Reserve.

• Oh man, the Chelsea Dagger break. The CHELSEA DAGGER BREAK …

Well, there it is: The hip-hop anthem for the Blackhawks no one was asking for, but that’s been handed to us by Young Regime. What say you?

Pass or Fail: Young Regime’s Stanley Cup Swagger featuring Windy City Beast & Tiggy-G

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