Pass or Fail: Spending cash for a third jersey you've yet to see

The NHL's third jersey era has certainly seen its hits and misses. For every hit (St. Louis Blues, Vancouver Canucks) there seems to be a handful of misses like the Dallas Stars' "mooterus," Edmonton Oilers' "Spawn," and of course, the mid-1990s disasters from the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings that should, like the characters in "Men in Black," be erased from memories everywhere.

Next month, the Columbus Blue Jackets will unveil their newest third jersey and while some hints about what the design will look like have gotten out, we've yet to see any leaks pass our desk like what happened with the Ducks. Despite Blue Jackets fans not having any idea what the jersey will look like, the team would appreciate it if they dropped down some hard-earned cash and add to their wardrobes.

This is what Tom over at The Dark Blue Jacket found. After receiving an email newsletter from the team, he noticed an ad on the side promoting pre-orders and was baffled by the marketing effort:

"Considering that we're talking about a purchase that will likely run north of $100, there is no way in hell that I'm going to pre-order it without having an inkling of what the jersey looks like. I don't know any colors, logos, anything. All I know is that it's going to use the same Reebok Edge jersey that the rest of the NHL uses, and that it will have a cannon motif as the main logo. That's nowhere near enough for me to make a pre-release purchase."

Some of that money may have to be budgeted if you're going to grab a beer at the game as well.

Also a good bet considering the M.O. of other NHL teams and third jerseys: There'll be some black in it.

So what say you Puck Daddy commenters?

Pass or Fail: Spending cash for a third jersey you've yet to see