Pass or Fail: San Jose Sharks new home, away jerseys

It’s a war on shoulder pads!

That’s the first impression from the San Jose Sharks’ new sweater design, which had been teased over social media and debuted on Tuesday. Gone are the teal shoulder pads on the away jerseys and the black shoulder pads on the home jerseys.

It’s a cleaner look, and that’s the trend in the NHL: Think about the Tampa Bay Lightning sweaters that did much the same thing.

But the shoulder pads were also removed for practical purposes, according to the team. Seems the Sharks were weighed down by their stripes.

From the Sharks:

To decrease the weight of the jersey, the black shoulder cap was removed. The popular jumping Shark patch will remain on the shoulder. Even more weight was cut out by removing the stripes on the body of the jersey.

The home jersey look is clean, focusing on the Sharks primary color, Pacific Teal. Orange accents were removed from the lettering and numbering as well as the arm stripes. The classic crest logo will still be the centerpiece of the jersey. To complete a classic look, neckline lacing was added and neckline striping was removed.

Here’s a comparison of the home jerseys:

Here are the away jerseys:

Verdict: The white jerseys are awesome, and benefit from the shoulder “cap” removal, although we’ll miss the horizontal stripes on the bottom.

But the Sharks apparently will be wearing practice jerseys at home.

What say you?

PASS OR FAIL: The San Jose Sharks new sweaters.