Pass or Fail: Pittsburgh Penguins unveil Stadium Series jersey

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The Pittsburgh Penguins are the lords of outdoor hockey, having eschewed the indoors and its roofy comfort for two Winter Classics already. And on March 1, they'll be taking part in their third outdoor game in the last 5 years, meeting up with the Chicago Blackhawks at Soldier Field.

But while the game is still over two months away, Christmas is just under two weeks away. So you can see why they might want to get their Stadium Series jersey unveiled and in stores, like, now.

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On Friday, the new jersey dropped. Will it overshadow Beyonce's surprise album? Well, you tell us. Here's a video of Chris Kunitz spinning around in it.

I kept waiting for him to start puking as he spun like Mark Jensen. No dice.

So this is pretty much just their normal jersey with a chrome finish on the logo and black shoulders, right? It creates an interesting approach to our usual investigation on whether these things pass or fail. Pittsburgh's regular away white is pretty okay, so from that perspective, I'd have to give this a pass. But these outdoor games are usually an excuse to do something a little more fun -- to depart from the usual look a little bit.

That's not been the case with these chrome jerseys. It bugs me. If you were expecting a little more flourish, this one might be deserving of a fail.

Pass or Fail: the Pittsburgh Penguins' stadium series jersey.

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