Pass or Fail: Pittsburgh Penguins 2011 Winter Classic jersey

The Pittsburgh Penguins' 2011 Winter Classic jerseys should look familiar if you visited this blog on Wednesday. After leaking like a pipe in the bowels of the Igloo, the jerseys were officially unveiled Thursday by the team after practice in Pittsburgh, and you can check out a full gallery of images on the Penguins website.

(Love the Winter Classic inscription on the collar; is that standard for WC jerseys?)

From the Penguins, the skinny on the new duds:

Predominantly navy blue with light blue accents, the uniform is a new design that features elements from many different eras of Penguins uniforms. It was designed by Reebok with input from both the Penguins and the NHL.

"We wanted to create a uniform that celebrates the rich history of Penguins hockey, but with a new look -- giving fans something they would really like," said Keith Leach, Director of Merchandising for Reebok.

The logo, which was previously released in May, is the Penguins' original logo from the inaugural 1967-68 season -- although it was never worn on a uniform. It features a skating penguin, wearing a scarf.

A fat skating penguin. Get it right.

Seth from Empty Netters has more about this jersey, which is basically a Penguins Frankenjersey.

The initial reaction from Penguins fans ... OK, most hockey fans ... has been ridicule. Not because of the logo. Mostly because of the nearly obscene number of stripes on it, prompting Steve in the KT on Twitter to opine: "All the stripes on the bottom would be more interesting if there were little swimmers in each lane."

While the dark blue is sharp looking, The Pensblog makes the point that for a Pittsburgh team playing a hockey game in the Steelers' stadium, how is this not some sort of black and gold jersey?

What say you? Better than the Washington Capitals' 2011 Winter Classic sweaters? Better than the Pittsburgh Penguins' first Winter Classic sweaters?

Or, on the pessimism front, are these the weakest duo of Classic sweaters we've seen?

Pass or Fail: The 2011 Winter Classic Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys.

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