Pass or Fail: NHL’s new ‘Because It’s the Cup’ playoff commercials

When the NHL introduced its "Because It's the Cup" campaign ahead of last year's playoffs, its goal was to court the casual fan, but also try to play to the diehards. It was a switch from the "History Will Be Made" spots that touched on the great NHL moments.

"It was nothing short of spectacular. But if you weren't kind of 'in the know', then it wasn't the most welcoming entry point for someone at that time of year," said Brian Jennings, executive VP of marketing for the NHL told Puck Daddy last year.

"History was great, but the word 'history' was limiting," Jennings said. "The word 'because' gave us more room to move."

In the first spot of their 2013 "Because It's the Cup" campaign, which debuted Monday night, the colorful fans found in every NHL rink are the focus:

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What, no Ottawa Spartan?

I think we were able to check off every box in our "crazy fan B-I-N-G-O". It was the appearance of The Green Men that clinched it for us.

The second spot shows some of the pre-game jittery behavior of players, ending with the payoff of victory:

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Sadly, unlike the "History is Made" spots, these aren't ripe for parody it seems.

Three more are expected to be released in April all leading up to the April 30 start of the the Stanley Cup playoffs, which will once again see every single game broadcast live in U.S. on NBC, NBC Sports Network, CNBC and NHL Network.

What do you think of the new spots? Better or worse than "History is Made"?

Pass or Fail: NHL's new 'Because Its the Cup' playoff commercials

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