Pass or Fail: Minnesota Wild’s new white road jerseys

The Minnesota Wild will publicly unveil their new white road jerseys on Sunday morning during the annual Minnesota State Fair. Before they could do it publicly, Icethetics found a number of images of Zach Parise and Josh Harding donning the new looks had leaked on the Wild website on Saturday night.

This reveal was part of a week-long buildup. The Buffalo Sabres are doing something similar, but at a snails pace. We'll finally see their new designs by the time the next lockout ends, I'm sure.

These are really sharp (and we really miss the white jerseys at home in the NHL). I'm normally not a fan of the shoulder yokes, but the squaring off of it along with the mix of the green letters with red numbers (plus the new font) really impresses. Definitely consider them an upgrade over the previous whites.

What do you think?

Pass or Fail: Minnesota Wild's new white road jerseys

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