Pass or Fail: Melting hockey logo shirts from Shop NHL, Viral

Whenever the NHL and its official licensing partners try to improve upon perfection, we end up with blasphemous crap like the Black Ice jerseys, which took the black jersey trend in the League to its logical end by sucking out all the personality of the sweaters and replacing it with piercing neon.

To that end, Shop NHL is offering these T-shirts from Viral:

This is the Viral NHL Mix Logo T-shirt. If they've been around for a while, they're rather new to us. These puppies set you back $24.99 (plus shipping!).

But really, can one put a price on the transformation of iconic logo into a box of Crayolas on the surface of Mercury?

Can one quantify the unparalleled joy of wearing a Chicago Blackhawks' Indian head with gigantic skin flaps on his chin; or wearing a Philadelphia Flyers insignia that appears to be vomiting an orange Creamsicle?

That said: Viral has done other cool items for the NHL in the past, and not every shirt in this 14-team collection is terrible:

The Vancouver Canucks logo is transformed into some kind of creepy Inuit folk monster. The Detroit Red Wings' logo looks like something a graffiti artist might have done. (Graffiti? In Detroit? The devil you say?)

So check out the full gallery of teams before passing judgment. And then pass judgment:

Pass or Fail: Melting hockey logo shirts from Shop NHL, Viral.

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