Pass or Fail: LA Kings, Anaheim Ducks Stadium Series jerseys

The Anaheim Ducks and the Los Angeles Kings have released their Stadium Series jerseys for the outdoor game scheduled for Dodger Stadium on Jan. 25, as modeled by Dustin Brown and Ryan Getzlaf’s mustache.

OK, let’s all work through our emotions on this Ducks jersey first: Obviously the first outdoor game for Anaheim would have been a perfect spot to resurrect one of their Mighty Ducks jerseys, or at least to incorporate that iconic logo into a new design.

Alas, the mandate from the NHL and Reebok was to do some kind of futuristic look, from the chrome logos to the sweaters themselves.

The orange base makes these unique in the pantheon of outdoor game jerseys, and in the Ducks’ jersey history. It has some of the Reebok design hallmarks from other Stadium Series jerseys, like the arm bands that don’t wrap around. We can’t figure out if this thing would have benefited from black shoulder pads or if the clearer look is the way to go.

(We do dig the black ties around the collar, and we’re not typically fans of that gimmick.)

One last design element: Check out the “OC” on the shoulder. Guess we’re going with the ‘OC’ vs. ‘LA’ angle. Ryan Atwood > Vinny Chase. (And, for that matter, "Laguna Beach" > "The Hills" all day everyday.)

Speaking of which ...

Behold the Los Angeles Kings’ new Stadium Series sweaters, apparently designed by the Ghost of Al Davis and/or Jefferson Davis.

Again, the Kings could have taken this sweater in a dozen different directions, but this look is pretty solid.The return of the Giant Crown, the classic gray and black color scheme.

From Kings COO Kelly Cheeseman (!) on the creation of the sweater:

This jersey was a collaboration with our partners at the NHL and Reebok. A few brainstorm conversations about colors and concepts led to an initial proposal of look and feel options designed by Reebok. Three options were presented to us, along with a scope of logos within our current brand profiles. This logo was part of the revealed chrome series for the Stadium Series. Because of the design of the chrome logo we felt our crown was the best choice for our jersey and was a nice acknowledgment to our history.

As a group we chose a pattern of look and feel we liked best that was an adaptation of various designs and our current jerseys. We then received color swatch samples and follow up final designs for sign off. The final jersey was provided to us before production. We show our ownership group as well as a few members of the team for final opinion. The whole process took about three months.

It took three months to grayscale this?! (Just jokes.)

Granted, this thing is so washed out and drab that it could be an ode to smog instead of the team’s heritage, but it’s pretty bad-ass as these things go.

If nothing else, it sets up a game between teams representing Tim Burton’s “Edward Scissorhands” phase and his “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” phase.

Here’s some jersey porn for you:

What say you good people?

PASS OR FAIL: The Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings Stadium Series jerseys.

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