Pass or Fail: Hershey Bears AHL Outdoor Classic jersey, minus glorious white pants

Puck Daddy

On Jan. 20, 2013, the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins take on the Hershey Bears at Hersheypark Stadium in the AHL Outdoor Classic — giving hockey fans a game in the elements, and a chance to see new specialty jerseys despite the 2013 Winter Classic getting turfed.

Here's what the Bears will be wearing for the Classic:

The stripes are a deep chocolate brown, and that's a spiffy 75th anniversary logo on the shoulder.

But the big news, at least initially, about the Bears' Classic uniforms was that Hershey would wear white pants with these sweaters. At least that's what the concept art from the team's official site (via Icethetics) appeared to indicate.

White pants? On the plus side, it's well before Labor Day and the Outdoor Classic would seem like the proper venue for them. On the minus side … white pants with a white striped sweater? Might as well dig up the Golden Seals' old skates to complete the vanilla nightmare for the team from Hershey.

Fear not, writes Dave Sottile of Penn Live:

On Wednesday, marketing manager Andy Longenberger said Hershey would wear its normal dark brown pant shells for the game, not white ones.

For comparison's sake, here's the 2012 Outdoor Classic jersey for the Bears. So, with that established:

Pass or Fail: The Hershey Bears Outdoor Classic jersey.

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