Pass or Fail: Dallas Stars’ new home and away uniforms

The 2013-14 season will be the first full year of the Tom Gaglardi era in Dallas, and with new ownership often comes new threads. On Tuesday, the Dallas Stars became the second NHL team of the day to unveil a new jersey design. Here's what they'll be wearing next season:

As expected, the logo that leaked two weeks ago is indeed the new Dallas Stars logo. I like it no more now than I did then. It looks like something that's been made in photoshop by liberally applying the bevel, emboss and stroke layer functions.

But Tom Gaglardi thinks the Big D is a grower. From the Stars:

“I hope that they look at it and say it’s the Dallas Stars. This is who we are. It’s a D and a Star. We’re the Dallas Stars, in Big D,” said Walsh. “We looked at a variation of things that just seemed too cute. We just wanted it to be simple and classic with a modern look to it. I think that is exactly what we ended up with.”

“It’s a clear winner, but it’s one of those logos that you have to look at a couple days to really get it but once you got it, then you really got it,” said Gaglardi. “It won’t surprise me to see people want to take some time to take a look at it. Maybe the first reaction is, ‘That’s interesting.’ The reaction a whole bunch of people had during the process was that after a few days, it really becomes something you love.”

That said, lose the ribbed D smack dab in the centre of this thing, and we're in business.

The Stars kept green as the primary colour, but they changed the shade to more of an emerald, and in this guy's opinion, they changed it for the better. (Full disclosure: green is my favourite colour and I can be sold on just about anything if it comes in green, so I may be speaking from a very serious bias here, but I like this jersey.) If you think it's a bit too bright, keep in mind that this green will pop on high-definition TVs in a way the old green did not. You might develop a better appreciation for it then.

One colour that's gone completely from the new look: gold. According to Gaglardi, this was due to two things. One, gold is a difficult colour to work with. Two, if you look into the night sky, the stars aren't really all that gold anyway.

“The other thing that bothered me is that if you look in the sky and look at a star, it’s more silver than gold,” said Gaglardi.

Sure, fine, whatever.

But golly, that logo. Maybe it will grow on me with time, or maybe I'll like it more when it's revealed that the players can actually grab it and throw it at their opponents. As for right now, however, it takes up far too much of what's otherwise a nice sweater. It should be so small you can't even see it, and maybe a different logo could be in its place.

All that said, it's still better than the Mooterus. What do you think?

Pass or Fail: The new uniforms for the Dallas Stars.

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