Pass or Fail: Carolina Hurricanes’ new home and away uniforms

The Carolina Hurricanes have been putting out teasers of their new uniforms on Instagram for over a week. On Tuesday, all of the pieces were put together as the team unveiled their new home and road looks at PNC Arena:

Anyone else look at them quickly and think they were seeing the Phoenix Coyotes, or maybe even Team Canada?

From the Canes, here's some detail on the new uniforms:

To both sweaters:

To the red sweater:

To the white sweater:

To the pants and gloves:

According to general manager Jim Rutherford, he was approached by the marketing team who suggested that they make a uniform change after the franchise's 15th year anniversary, which was this past season.

Another note from the unveiling is that Carolina's alternate black jersey will remain in their rotation for next season. Also, the moving of the hurricane warning pattern from the base to inside the neckline is similar to the piano keys on the Nashville Predators jerseys.

For us, they aren't one of the top looks in the NHL, but they are a dramatic improvement from what the Hurricanes have been wearing. We never did like the base pattern.

What do you think?

Pass or Fail: The new uniforms for the Carolina Hurricanes

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