Pass or Fail: Canucks playoff anthem with Southern rock harmony

The majority of the Vancouver Canucks 2011 Stanley Cup Playoff anthems — there are roughly 250,000 of them at last count — veer toward hip-hop or current pop standards. (Well, save for that polka.) But that doesn't mean there isn't room for some whiskey-soaked southern roots rock.

That's Jack Erikson, turning the Marshall Tucker Band's "Can't You See?" into a Canucks postseason anthem but seemingly unable to see that playoff anthems work better when there's a punchline or two thrown into the lyrics.

Solid effort, but we have to imagine the location scouting for this video took much longer than the songwriting. Finding the fireplace with the right look and enough wall space for a plush moose in a Canucks T-shirt isn't as easy … well, OK, on second thought this is how we imagine most rec rooms in Vancouver.

We endorse this blend of Canucks anthems and roots rock, with the hope that someone turns "Freebird" into a song about Kevin Bieksa.

With that …

Pass or Fail: The Canucks "Can't You See?" playoff anthem.

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