Pass or Fail: Canucks fans ‘Lazy Song’ Stanley Cup anthem

As previously noted on this very blog, the Vancouver Canucks' Stanley Cup Run of 2011 has inspired a remarkable number of playoff anthems — of varying degrees of success.

This one, we think you'll agree, is on the higher end of the quality scale. Philbert Simon and Big2Films have taken the "Lazy Song" video by Bruno Mars (watch it here), replaced monkey men with Green Men and created an infectious ditty about the 2010-11 team.

And by that we mean we're suckers for a Victor Oreskovich namedrop.

Here's "Canucks Stanley Cup Finals Song - Lazy Song Parody," which is helped infinitely by the fact that Philbert Simon resembles Bruno Mars a little and not, like, Adele. Alas, it seems we can't embed it, because the Sony Music Publishing Nazis and YouTube have decided this parody has content we can't play here on Y! due to rights restrictions. So click here or the image to watch:

Like we said: High quality stuff. Weed Against Speed, who hipped us to the video, had this take:

I suppose I shouldn't be such a curmudgeon and allow these guys to have their fun: the Canucks haven't been to the Stanley Cup Finals since 1994, when they lost in seven games to the Mark Messier-led New York Rangers. So, I guess I'll hold my tongue with this one and let bygones be bygones. Enjoy the Finals, Canucks fans. And enjoy your parody videos of Bruno Mars songs, whoever that guy is

But what say you of this adventurous anthem that we can only assume was in the can for weeks, thus laughing in the face of the Hockey Gods before the San Jose Sharks were eliminated?

Pass or Fail: "Canucks Stanley Cup Finals Song - Lazy Song Parody."

s/t to Sportress of Blogitude for the clip.

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