Pass or Fail: Canuck fans give ‘Somebody I Used to Know’ the playoff parody treatment

Gotye's kind of a big deal right now. Over the past three days, "Somebody I Used to Know" has landed on Glee, American Idol, and SNL. Basically, if you haven't heard it, it probably means you're Brendan Fraser in Blast from the Past.

Considering pretty much every big song gets the parody treatment, especially during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, you just knew some team's fans were going to wrestle this one to the ground. Sure enough, here it is, redone as a song lamenting last year's Vancouver Canucks Cup run and espousing optimism for this year.

Your opinion this video is going to hinge on what you expect from your playoff parodies. If it's clever lyrics, then this one might be a fail, especially since the verses are really little more than a musical reading of the Canucks' roster. And the emphasis is wrong in, like, every instance.

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But the vocals are surprisingly good, especially after the dude on the left passes the mic. And the young lady doing the second verse nails Kimbra's breathy resignation thing. But there's some auto-tune. That's cheating.

And as for the effort put into the video itself, not too shabby. The facepaint was a nice touch, although the group loses points for not going all the way with it. Gotye and Kimbra were naked, you cowards. Anyway.

Pass or Fail: Canuck fans give 'Somebody I Used to Know' the playoff parody treatment.

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